We would like to thank and congratulate our clients who have purchased our sport horses.

We wish you much continued success in the future.

CALAFELL Congratulations to Cheryl Buxton TAKE ME 2 Congratulations to Schuyler Riley & Wolf Stone Stables E.S. Firobantos Congratulations to Jillian Berger. Special thanks to Jill Curtis & Larimar Stables Heros V/H Stuyvenberghoff Special thanks to Sea Horse Investments LLC. Carlarco E.S. Congratulations to Jenn Strickland.  Special Thanks to Matt Hollberg. Argentik E.S. Congratulations to Mitch Haddon E.S. Chellino 2 Congratulations to Allie Hope<br /><br />Special thanks to W&ouml;lffer Estate Vineyard<br /><br /> Debonaire Congratulations to Tonje Kearney E.S. Pascall 21 Congratulations to Cheryl Binswanger<br /><br />Special thanks to Chris Kappler & Diane Little E.S. Finou 4 Sold to Aaron Vale Camelot Sold to Sims Hill Farm <br /><br />Special thanks to Mike Hennigan & Emil Spadone Nazario Sold to the Lindner Family Special thanks to Amanda Flint Chathago Sold to Treasure Coast Stables LLC  Special thanks to JP Rocus Carl Leon ES Sold to Mary Antonini Special thanks Rick Harris & Amanda Flint Aragones Z  Sold to Volition Farm Special thanks to Amanda Flint Boston VDl Sold to Bridget Perier Quints Fabius Sold to Catherine Wachtell  Special thanks to Amanda Flint Celisto H. Leased to Bridget Perier Val De Loir Imoo Sold to Don Stewart Stables  Special thanks to Don Stewart Accanto Sold to Kate Mulligan Avatar Sold to Lizzy Kerby Nice Sold to Flight Show Horses LLC  Special thanks to DJ & Jen Valondre Valparaiso 5 Sold to Jenna - Oursler Cherins Zeus  Sold to Jenna Oursler - Cherins Willow Sold to Jenna Oursler - Cherins Tornado V. Cassius CKS Sold to Sarah Dee Carlucci Sold to Victoria Kiki Zwarycz Special thanks to Amanda Flint Accent Z Special thanks to Michael Dowling B. ES Alcatraz Sold to Adam Skalnski Cadarco Sold to Katie Prudhoe Cero II Sold to Bridget Perier Marmaduke ES Brasil  Sold to Tim Leuzarder Cayman ES Special thanks to Kim Pearlman Carlina Ask Sold to Lindsay Kornberger Toronto Special thanks Kristen Bumpus Jewels Emerald Special thanks to Schuyler Ryley Maestro D. Jewels Titanium  Sold to Johan Lensing of Belgium Picabo Street ( Laureen 016 ) Sold to Hyperion Stud Hillary C.  Sold to Andrew Philbrick of Hunter Farms Mambo King  Sold to Greg Crawlick Candeloro Sold to Harold Chopping Belissima ES Sold to David Tromp Show Stables Special thanks to David Tromp Acolyte Sold to Nina Butler Special thanks to Sulu Rose Reed Grode Jung S Sold to Jacquline Perier Alcatraz Sold to KR Horse Sales LLC Gabon Sold to Sarah Dee Zen Rose Special Thanks North Ridge Farms Camelot Sold to KR Horse Sales LLC Chianti Sold to Jenna Lubitz Santiago Sold to Mexico Alcatraz Special thanks Tim Leuzarder & Essex Equestrian Center Commando ES Sold to Leslie Kramer Special thanks to Rick Harris & Amanda Flint Hercules Sold to the Mitchell Family EZ to Spot Sold to West Millford Equestrian Center Big Little Rascal Sold to Bridget Perier Rumors  Special thanks to Tim Leuzarder & Essex Equestrian Center T-Rose Beauty Leased to Kate Mulligan Le Kondo Sold to Kate Gurvis Roulette Leased to Bridget Perier Absolute Independence Sold to Stacy Yalenti Sirius Sold to Mia Seagert Special Thanks to Silver Springs Farm & Shaun Mac Soul Custody Sold to Howard Goldberg Tikina Sold to Hyperion Stud LIT Sold to Vanessa Brennan Beauty Sold to EWSZ